“Look” relajado para el fin de semana

El fin de semana es tiempo de relajarte y disfrutar de esos momentos en que puedes pasar un día tranquilo con tus amistades, tu familia o tu amorcito. Toma ideas de este atuendo para estar cómoda sin perder ciertos detalles muy femeninos.

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7 thoughts on ““Look” relajado para el fin de semana

      • pinkquasar says:

        Thanks! I also write about topics women love such as men, relationships, sex, and sometimes I write funny articles about what friends you shouldn’t have on Facebook and tacky behavior of women at gyms (those were very popular). Too bad it’s in Spanish! Hey, next Friday I’ll post an aztec look and there I’m wearing a necklace that you’ll love because you have posted pieces that are very similar. I’m also posting another look next Tuesday, the rest of the week I’ll publish articles. I tell you in case you want to see them.

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